Guitar - A Permanent Infection

My story

My first guitar was bought by my parents when I was 12. Then I learned my first chords, had a couple of performances with a school orchestra, but after a few months the guitar ended up in the corner of my room collecting dust for years. regularly listened to radio Luxembourg and discovered bands The Kings, Rollinstones, Animals and Beatles and of course got infected with the team, still football was more tempting to me than guitar.


History of Miro Di Ghaesa gear::

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 ,owned by me in 1975
Fender Stratocaster 1974,owned by me in 1977
Hand made double neck by Z.Paunovic (Belgrade)1978
Hand Made Les Paul by myself (1980)
Hand Made Strat by myself (1984)-neck trough body
Hand Made Strat modified by myself (1995)
VOX AC30 Top Boost (60th),owned by me in 1975
Hiwatt 50W head (70th),owned by me in 1983
Marshall JMP 1 preamp (1993),owned by me in 1997
Line 6 - POD 2 owned by me in 1996
Messa Boogie V-Twin preamp (1995)
Marshall JCM900 2x12 (1990),owned by me in 1993
Marshall JCM2000 TSL601 (90th),owned by me in 2014

In the second grade of high school (1968), of my choice, and of course again, I received from my parents a homemade copy of the Gibson ES 135 guitar, but of course the acoustic version. This time I showed more persistence and mastered all the basic chords, learned about twenty songs, which took several months. However, I spent most of my free time trying to perfect my painting techniques, as I had a tendency to do fine arts in elementary school. At that time I had discovered jazz and rock music by listening to, apart from radio Luxembourg and radio Belgrade, a different program rotating every morning. jazz and bossa-nova standards and, of course, the broadcast Evening with Radio on the first radio program of Belgrade, edited and directed by Nikola Karaklajic, from where I recorded on the tape recorder what I liked .... these were ... Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Cream, Santana, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull, Humble Pie, Janis Joplin..and listening to those tapes for hours and days I wasted pens, temps, pastels, showers ... looking for myself I have started practicing and learning the guitar seriously since the 18th century. There were two key events that fall of 1971. The first was a one-week boys' excursion that made classmates urge me to bring a guitar and teach them to follow what they liked to sing, which apart from the old city songs and songs from popular local performers. I met two from a nearby department who declared me a solo guitar player, and I enjoyed trying to improvise and repeat themes because the two already played an accompaniment. We already knew simpler rock standards like Hey Joe , House of the Rising Sun, Satisfaction, Suzie Q, Come Together and others, so on our return we made a band..I put a magnet on an acoustic guitar and turned on my friend Pere's radio with which we practiced. The second, very important event for me was a set of gramophone records received by my friend from the bench and from the area of ​​Ivica, and just arrived from New York. Ivica's father was a military person, he worked in the office of Joseph Broz and since he went with Tito to visit to USA ..... went into the record store, explained who he was buying for and the seller made a choice that played a big role in my education and in my approach to guitar. These were the following issues: Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green, Woodstock - 3 × Vinyl - LP - Album, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 4 Way Street - 2 × Vinyl, Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys, TASTE (Rory Gallagher) On The Boards and The Guess Who - American Woman. In addition, I often listened to LP releases Deep Purple - April, Deep Purple In Rock, The Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed, The Doors - L.A. for months. Woman, Santana - Abraxas, James Taylor - James Taylor, Big Brother & The Holding Company - Janis Joplin and with the increasing frequency of trying to reproduce as faithfully as possible the music that filled me, the whole school year has passed. The first electric guitar. In 1972, I saved up on my pocket money and bought a second-hand electric guitar from the Czech production of Jolan and used the trip to the dressing room in Trieste to buy a guitar booster. I used a hand-made lamp amplifier left by a guitarist who practiced with the band in the room. local communities where I am. After two or three months I bought a copy of Gibson SG from the Italian company EKO. I also bought an EKO acoustic twelve and a bass guitar, a copy of Fender precission and with my best friend Cveja today. In addition to practicing listening to songs, I also got some booklets on guitar playing from which I learned a little, but I came across a book called Fundamentals of Music Theory by Marko Tajčević, which at the time was like a bible for musicians in this space. Since I didn't go to music school, there were two steps forward and one back, but this seriously widened my basic perspectives.In early 1973, I met drummer Pedja Zoric and bass-player Ljuba Stanic, with whom I formed the group POKUS, which we quickly renamed to KOREN. We played blues and hard rock compositions by Rori Galgher, Hendrix, Alvin Lee Deep Purple, etc.We had several performances in smaller cities in Vojvodina and several performances in Belgrade.I was living with my parents on the third floor and one day I heard a piano rendition of Summer Time, I am a Man, Smoke on the Wather, Child in Time .... While I was wondering what was going on, because the girl was normally playing by then program for high school music, the doorbell rang and when I opened that girl invited me to meet her friend who plays rock music on the piano .... So I met Vlada Turas ... a seventeen-year-old from mother who had been for generations well known Popaz family. He went to music school, studied violin and was very talented and his father bought him very good organ during this time and of course the amplifier so it didn't take more than a few minutes to go to him and play ...We also did a band and played dances in Vojvodina places like most other rock musicians at that time ...

In 1974 I met singer Jovan Rašić in the army and we had an army band in a military barracks and played dances in the Kočevje area in Slovenia. At the beginning of the next year we performed as a KOREN group on one guitar festival in Kisač (Vojvodina) and on that occasion recorded my composition "Theme N.13" on the LP compilation with seven other bands that performed there. When recording this composition in the PGP RTS "Studio 5" , we were noticed by PGP editor Đorđe Debac and suggested that I make two compositions for Jovan Rašić and drop a single for the beginning of Jovan Rašić's career as a singer and me as a composer. I was 23 years old and I wanted it to be something in which I would prove myself as a composer, arranger, guitarist, and gathered around me exceptional, young musicians with whom I prepared matrices with, say, a fusion arrangement in which there was free form and harmony that was difficult sing a given theme .... After a couple of terms, Mr. Debac explained to me what the problem was, but I didn't want to accept the simplification of the arrangement and we stopped working in a couple of weeks. After that, an offer was made for the arrangement to be made by Rade Pajic, who was a member of an experienced e-mail from Naisus in which everyone was a bit older than I was, and to record everything again so that I would agree with the realization. Since Rade Pajic was a guitar player, he easily understood my taste, so what I envisioned with my friends turned it into a specific arrangement with a similar orientation, but with a basic emphasis on Funk style, which of course I gladly accepted .... However, these were still too heavy and non-commercial harmony and again the result was not satisfactory. At that time I turned to instrumental music so much that the obvious business failure did not touch at all. Looking for like-minded comrade Iva, otherwise the drummer forwarded me a phone from a newspaper ad in which the band T A K O was looking for a guitarist.

So I met Dusan Cucuz, founder of the band T A K O

will continue .....

Miro Di Ghaesa ,working on new album named THE RETURN OF SUNLIGHT - There will be ten new compositions with a bonus of three from the T A K O group period

About a week ago from Miro Di Ghaesa's Twitter via Twitter for iPhone

Miro Di Ghaesa ,guitar player of band TAKO - Merging of Sunlight into the memory of sand (remix 2019)

About a week ago from Miro Di Ghaesa's Twitter via Twitter for iPhone